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Design tells a story. Before one can come up with a successful product, one must understand the ins and outs of what they're designing. A design without meaning, no matter how complex, will never be truly brilliant.



Usability Research

Creating a design doesn't just happen. It's important to dig deep into a concept, look at what others have done, and mold it into something unique and wonderful.




As a UX designer, it is my job to explore my work from concept to finished product. Does it make sense to the client? Is it user friendly? Can it be understood? How can it change the way people see something? 


I'm a city girl bridging the gap between computer programming and interactive design.

As a strong and determined worker, my skills and work ethic make me valuable both independently and within group situations. Highly organized and attentive to detail, I am also versatile within my field. I am passionate about what I do and I welcome new challenges and experiences every day.

I have always been driven and I look forward to learning new things and facing new challenges every day. Design is forever changing. It’s my goal to surpass those changes and push myself out of my box.

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